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The Town
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Traveling to San Carlos Bay

By Plane. There are several daily commercial flights from Phoenix Arizona (PHX), Los Angeles California (LAX) and Mexico City (MEX) to the Guaymas/San Carlos International Airport (GYM). There are also several daily flights comming from Mexico City to Hermosillo (HMO) the state capital of Sonora (70 minutes drive from the Guaymas-San Carlos area). See also charters availabity from your city. Check some schedules and fares or see our Airlines links below.

By Car. Driving to San Carlos is just a scenic 5 hours trip from Tucson Arizona on a nice 4 lane highway. After crossing the border at Nogales Mexico take Highway #15 and in 4 hours time you´ll enjoying the magic of San Carlos Bay. Along the highway you´ll encounter 3 "toll roads" with charges from $3-$6 each booth, depending on currency rates & vehicle type. From the south of Mexico take the Mazatlan-Guaymas highway & take the first exit after Guaymas downtown.

By Bus. If you are coming by bus from the US or Canada go to Nogales Arizona, cross the border, go to the Nogales Sonora Bus Station (Tels. 631-31603 & 31606) and take a bus to Guaymas. There are plenty of schedules and bus lines available. Once you are in the Guaymas Bus Station walk 3 blocks to Serdan Ave (main Guaymas Ave) & take a local bus to San Carlos. Recently some bus lines offer direct trips from Tucson & Phoenix to San Carlos, check availability in the bus lines listed below). Click here to see some schedules and fares from the US and Canada to Nogales Arizona.

By Motor Home. If you are comming in your motor home or trailer here´s our great news: San Carlos Bay is the place with more RV Parks in the country!!!. See our Trailer Parks section.

By Boat or Yacht. San Carlos Bay is also the place with some of the most beautiful and modern Touristic Marinas in the country!!!. Our three marinas provides you the best facilities available. See our Marinas section.

Visas, Permits & Legal Requirements.

To visit San Carlos Bay or any other mexican destination you´ll need a Tourist Visa. Aditionally, if you are coming by car or motor home you´ll need a special Vehicle Permit (we also recommend to get a Mexican Insurance as your U.S. insurance will probably not cover you in Mexico. Insurance are available at several outlets in US or at the Nogales Sonora-Arizona border). The Tourist Visa and the Vehicle Permit can be easily obtain it at the Only Sonora Station located at the 21 Km Checkpoint (21 kms south of the Nogales border).

  Touristic Visas. All you need is your valid passport (or birth certificate and photo I.D. for US citizens).

  Car Permits. Here is the documentation you´ll need to obtain a vehicle permit:

  • A valid driver's license.
  • Proof of ownership of your vehicle including registration and title.
  • If you have a lien holder listed on your registration or title, you will need a letter from the lien holder giving you permission to take the vehicle to Mexico.
  • Proof of citizenship for you and all passengers (the Tourist Visa requirement).

Currently there are two types of vehicle permits you can obtain: a 6 months "Only Sonora" Permit, or a 6 month "Mexico Auto Import Decal". In order to see a full description of the differences and all the information of the vehicle permit process we recomend you to visit the Only Sonora Station located at the 21 km Checkpoint (21 kms south of the Nogales border).

If you are mexican but you´re living or working at the USA you may check for the Programa Paisano facilities please call 01 800 849 73 22 or check their web site

Important: Do Not take any type of firearm or ammunition into Mexico.

Useful Links and Information for Tourists.

Travel Agencies, Tours & Expeditions

  • Hacienda Tours. Blvd. Escenico km 9. Hacienda Plaza. Tel. 2260297
  • Maeos Tours. Ave. Serdan #32 and 20th street. Guaymas. Tel. 2225548.
  • Ciga Tours. Ave. Serdan #349 (between 14th y 15th streets), Guaymas. Tel. 228360.
  • Esli Turismo. Blvd. Escenico km 11 (next to Cafe de Internet), San Carlos. Tel. 2261126.
  • San Carlos Guaymas Tours. Blvd. Escenico km 9.5 (next to Farmacia VH). Tel. 2261166.

Ferry, Buses, Airlines & Car Rentals

  • Ferry Sematur. Guaymas.
  • Transportes Norte de Sonora. Guaymas. Tel. 2221271.
  • Transportes del Pacífico. 14th Street y 12th Ave. Guaymas. Tel. 2223019.
  • Autotransportes TUFESA. 14th Street y 12th Ave. Guaymas. Tel. 2225453.
  • Transportes TBC. Blvd Escenico km 9. Hacienda Tours local #7. San Carlos. Tel. 2260006.
  • Guaymas/San Carlos International Airport (GYM) Guaymas. Tels. 2210634 & 2210511.
  • Aeroméxico
  • Mexicana
  • American Airlines
  • Hertz de Guaymas. Garcia Lopez Blvd. #625. Guaymas. Tel. 2221000.
  • Budget Car Rental de Guaymas. Garcia Lopez Blvd. Guaymas. Tel. 2225500.

Important: From the US dial 011+52622 + local number. Around México dial 01622 + local number.

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