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The Town
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The Town

San Carlos is a wonderful Sea of Cortes bay located 15 km to the north of  Guaymas in the state of Sonora Mexico, only 320 miles south of Tucson Arizona USA and at the centre of the Escalera Nautica (Mexico´s #1 Touristic Project).

San Carlos Bay is a cosmopolitan and secure Town with beautiful Beaches & Attractions, cosies Hotels , Condos , RV Parks & Marinas , great Fishing , Diving , Water Sports , Golf , Tennis & other Sports , nice Art Galleries , Gift Shops, Boutiques, Groceries, Beer & Wine stores, Restaurants , Bars & Discos , full availability of Services , reliable Realty Services & great sunsets.

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History Facts. The San Carlos Bay resort was founded just 37 years ago as a "Commissariat" of Guaymas

Since those years visionary investors from Sonora and the USA started the development of one of the most beautiful & modern resorts in Mexico.

Marina San Carlos, Hotel La Posada, Trailer Park Shangri-La, Las 4 Milpas, Bahia and Caracol sectors, the Catholic Church and Motel Creston were some of the early developments in town.

Living in San Carlos

The Early Years. Since its foundation, the San Carlos Bay population had been integrated mostly by american and canadians citizens (68% of current population are americans and canadians, 4% european and 28% mexican).

The beautiful beaches, the quiet & international atmosphere, the sports & fishing facilities, the beautiful handmade crafts & curios and the spectacular sunsets were good enough reasons for the early visitors to build a house or buy a real estate property in this mexican paradise.

On those early days the RV Parks facilities were enjoyed by 100´s of "snow birds" coming on the winter season from all around US and Canada. Also dozens of international fishing and sports tournaments had been a excellent source of touristic promotion for the last years.

The beauty of San Carlos had been also an special attraction for the Hollywood motion picture industry as a location site. Good exemples are Catch 22, Lucky Lady (Liza Minelli, Gene Hackman & Burt Reynolds) and recently The Mask of Zorro (Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones)

San Carlos Today. Currently the town population is calculated in around 1,800, but on spring breaks, winter and summer vacations 1000´s of people enjoy the magic of the San Carlos Bay paradise. See the Town Map 

San Carlos has a nice weather almost all the year. The avarage temperature in our white sand beaches ranges from 87F (30C) in the spring season to 67F (20C) in the winter.

Guaymas  At just 15 km from San Carlos Bay you can visit one of the oldest ports of Mexico (f. 1769). This historic town was discovered by spanish explorers in 1539 when the area was occupied by the fierce Guaimas indian tribe. Today is the third largest city of Sonora state and you´ll able to find plenty of business, services and touristic attractions.


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