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Restaurants, Snacks, Fast Food & Coffee Shops

The San Carlos Bay restaurants, coffee shops & snacks bars offers delicious seafood, mexican food, the famous Sonora´s dishes & prime beef, italian, american, international & french cuisine. Pizzas, tacos & burgers are a good choice too. If you prefer buy your favorite food & beverages at the Groceries & Beer/Liquor stores availables in the area.

See a list of the Restaurants, Snack Bars & Coffee Shops availables in San Carlos Bay.

  Sea Food. Tel. 221344

#156 Blvd. Escenico. Sector Villa Hermosa.

  Steaks. Tel. n/a

Location: Totonaka RV Park. Blvd. Escenico.

  Breakfasts and snacks. Tel. 2260610

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 10.

  International Cuisine. Tel. 2261525

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 10.4 (next to Gas Station).

  Steaks. Tel. 2261130

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 10. Sector Creston.

  Mexican Food. Tel. n/a

Location: Plaza Los Jitos. Blvd. Escenico.

  Sea Food. Tel. 2260667

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 9.

  International Cuisine. Tels. 2261021

Location: Plaza Las Glorias.

  Sea Food. Tel. 2261000

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 10.5. Bahia.

  International Cuisine. Tel. 2260393

Location: Hotel Fiesta. Blvd. Escenico Km 8.5.

   HOYO 19
  Snacks. Tel. n/a

Location: San Carlos Golf Course. Country Club

   JAX SNAX No Web Site available
  Pizzas and Burgers. The best milkshakes, pizzas and burgers in San Carlos Bay. Norma (the owner) and Gladdys are always ready to serve you with a big smile. Tel. 2260270

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 10 (next to Gary's Dive Shop)

  International Cuisine/SeaFood. Tel. 2260777

Location: Hotel San Carlos Plaza. Los Algodones.

  International Cuisine. Tel. 2261380

Location: Condominios Pilar.

  Snacks. Tel. 2261112.

Location: Marina San Carlos.

  International Cuisine. Tel. 2260214

Location: Mediterranee Hotel. Los Algodones

  Charbroiled beef & tacos. Tel. n/a

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 11 (next to Sun Beach Wear).

  International Cuisine. Tel. 2260107

Location: El Mirador RV Park. Los Algodones.

  Snacks. Tel. 2260220

Location: Hotel Hacienda Tetakawi. Blvd. Escenico. Km. 8.

  Italian Food. Tel. 2260503

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 9.5. Creston.

  Barbacue Chicken. Tel. 2260111

Location: Blvd. Escenico (across Kiamy´s).

  Snacks. Tel. n/a

Location: Next to Sheriff Office. Creston.

  Snacks. Tel. 2260069

Location: Blvd. Escenico (next to Ramona´s).

  Mexican Food. Tel. 2261000

Location: Blvd. Escenico Km. 9.5.

  Steaks and SeaFood. Tel. 2260569

Location: #1 Plaza Comercial San Carlos.

  Tacos. Tel. 2261209

Location: Edificio Marosa. Blvd. Escenico.

Coffee Shops

  Coffee Shop. Tel. 2260604

Location: Blvd. Escenico (Across Plaza Las Glorias).

  Internet Coffee. Tel. 2260087

Location: Blvd. Escenico (Across San Carlos Country Club entrance).

  Coffee Shop. Tel. 2260525

Location: Blvd. Escenico (next to Farmacia San Carlos)

  Coffee Shop. Tel. n/a

Location: Edificio Marosa. Blvd. Escenico.

Grocery Stores & Mini Markets

Visit our Grocery Stores & Mini Markets section and check out the different options in San Carlos Bay.

Liquor & Beer Outlets

Do you want to know where you can buy your favorite liquor or beer?? just check out the Liquor & Beer Outlets section and see all the options in San Carlos Bay.

Important: From the US dial 011+52622 + local number. Around México dial 01622 + local number.

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