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Main Attractions in San Carlos Bay

  San Carlos Bay most spectacular beach.

This beach is called Algodones (Cotton in english) because the dunes in the areas appear to be balls of cotton. This beautiful beach has smooth swells, transparent water and smooth sand of white tones and fine texture. This beach is the ideal place for diving, fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming, horse back riding and sports like volleyball or football.

The average temperature ranges from 88F in the spring to 65F in the winter. The flora is desert-based and includes spiny thickets, sahuaros and palm trees. The fauna is made of many ornamental birds.

During high season, such as Spring Break and summer, the beach is perfect for camping and practicing aquatic sports. Along the sands are atractive hotels and residential resorts.

  An Ecological paradise to discover.

Only 12 miles north of San Carlos Bay exists a magical and isolated place ready to be discover for those lovers of nature, exploring and adventure. Las Barajitas Canyon is a untamed area home of 3 diferent ecosystems that can only be reached by boat, ferry or yacht. Many Sonoran Desert species of flora & fauna are found in their natural state in this wild & untouched canyon bordering the Cortes Sea.

Considered a "sacred place" by the Seri Indians, Las Barajitas is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurer alike. Check for lodging facilities in this beautiful area or visit our Business Directory for tours & expeditions availability.

Other activities in this area are kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and boat & seashore fishing. Also you can enjoy cave exploring or take a boat charter to San Pedro Nolasco Island (see below), a sanctuary for sea lions. Other alternative is to visit the Barajitas Canyon observatory for astronomical observations.

  The most spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez

This is the perfect place to come and watch a sunshine, take spectacular photos and observe the majesty of Tetakawi Hill (the symbol of San Carlos Bay), which is located to one side of this outlook. A few meters before arriving to this site you can observe one of the touristic marinas in town, some hotels, trailer parks and residential resorts. This outlook has its own security wall of rock about 1.5 meters height that covers all of the potentially dangerous spots of the lookout. To make your trip more pleasant, you may enjoy the dainty articles that mobile vendors offer. The police of San Carlos have implemented a 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. visitation policy to this area.

  The San Carlos Bay symbol.

This majestic hill border the shores of the Sea of Cortes, also known as the Gulf of California. Its name means Tits of Goat in the ancient Yaqui tribe language (if you turn the Tetakawi mountain upside down it looks like tits of goat), however some stories say that this name come from the spanish explorers using yaqui´s words. From this hill you can appreciate the beautiful view of the beaches, mountains and marinas of San Carlos Bay. The hill itself is slightly more than 600 ft. high. Tetawaki Hill has become a must for visitors from throughout Mexico and abroad.

The flora and fauna in the Tetakawi includes sahuaros, palm trees and ornamental birds like cenzontles, huitlacoches, cardinals, wood peckers, bats (in the caves) and a great number of sea birds. The hill can be accessed from either the north or west. The mountain is kind of a challenge and it has been climbed by a lot of people. We strongly recommend (for those who try to climb it) carry adequate supplies including suntan lotion, ample water, a first-aid kit & long pants (for the brush).

  Cave Paintings.

These Cave Paintings are located 69 km north of San Carlos Bay on Highway 15 and were created by local indians in geometric figures representing religeous beliefs and depicting daily activities. The Paintings made of mineral and natural colors are high in the caves, suggesting this area may have been underwater or the indians had very long ladders.

La Pintada is about 3 km into the desert so you better take appropiate clothes. You may be able to hire a guide but the way is fairly well marked. There's a large ranch part-way there. The owner speaks fluently english & for a low fee he will show you the caves and other interesting aspects of the desert.

  A Sea Lions Paradise

San Pedro Island is located only 17 miles away from San Carlos Bay, is the perfect place for diving & fishing out of San Carlos. The island is the year round residence for a large population of California Sea Lions so you may able to watch and interact with them when snorkeling and diving.

The underwater landscape consists of sheer cliffs and boulders and you may see lots of morays, angels, puffers, parrot fish and dozens of other species everywhere. Big pelagic fish, manta rays and hammerhead sharks are occasionally seen as well.

Recently the Mexican Federal Government declare the San Pedro Nolasco island and all its surrounding area as a Federal Ecological Reserve so we encouraged all visitors to protect the area and respect all the species and enviroment elements.

  Sonora´s largest estuaries.

El Estero del Soldado (Soldier´s Estuaries) is one of Mexico's largest estuaries and is home of a huge variety of wildlife, including birds, fish and shellfish. This ecological paradise is located before the entrance to Condominios Pilar (at he entrance of San Carlos Bay). While there, visit the oyster farm and take an afternoon walk enjoying the landscape and the spectacular sunsets.

  The historic port of Sonora.

At just 15 km from San Carlos Bay you can visit one of the oldest ports of Mexico (f. 1769). This historic town was discovered by spanish explorers in 1539 when the area was occupied by the fierce Guaimas indian tribe. Today is the third largest city of Sonora state and you´ll able to find plenty of business, services and touristic attractions. Follow this link and see more info about Guaymas.

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